Chapie OG

(for standard sized lip balm)

Color: Black Wood

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Say Goodbye To Melted Chapstick

Vacuum Insulation Reimagined

Chapie reinvented Vacuum Insulation technology to protect more than just your drinks. Our Vacuum-Insulated container seals air tight, keeping your lip-balm free from dirt, grime, liquids, and heat!


Protect Your Favorite Brands

Chapie OG fits all standard sized lip balms!

Burt's Bees




& 200+ More Brands


Interested in the tech that keeps your chapstick safe? Wondering how reliable Chapie really is? You have questions we have answers!

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Like everything Chapie OG has it's limits. Cars may become 50F+ warmer than outside temperatures. Chapie OG works best kept on your keychain & not left in the car. Chapie Pro works better in the Car. See our full disclaimer and refund policy here.