What Size Chapstick Does Chapie Fit?




How Does Chapie Work?


James Webb Space Telescope: Sunshield Deployment - Mission Control Live -  YouTube
    Chapie utilizes aerospace engineering to keep your lip balm cool! You can think of Chapie as a shell within a shell. The spaces between the shells are vacuumed out so hot air can not transfer between the containers. Chapie is leak proof and waterproof which means even if your lipbalm melts in the dryer, it won't get all over your clothes!


How Effective Is Chapie At Keeping My Chapstick From Melting?


Like everything, Chapie has its limitations. Chapie prevents lip balms from melting, but we cannot guarantee it will prevent melting in extreme conditions. Several factors can be attributed to melting such as the type of lip product, the outside temperature, in shade or direct sunlight, and duration of heating; cars can be especially challenging in the summer. At the least, if your lip balm does melt inside the Chapie, the mess will be contained inside the leakproof container. We are working every day to improve the capabilities of Chapie. Chapie Pro works best in cars. See our full disclaimer and refund policy here.

Here are some essential tips to keep your lip products from melting!

  • Keeping your Chapie in the shade is the best way to keep it cool!
  • If you risk leaving your Chapie in the car, place it under your seat for best performance. The glovebox and center console of your car is often the hottest area, don't put Chapies in there!
  • Chapie OG and Plus work best on a key chain! When you have your Chapie on a key chain it generally stays out of the direct sun and doesn't get left behind in cars. Since you need your keys to start your car, you will always have a chap stick in your car!
  • If you choose to use Chapie Pro to store medication, read our disclaimer first!